Preserve Your Precious Investment with Hubert’s Care Services

Much like your cherished vehicle, your exquisite jewelry requires regular care and attention to maintain its pristine beauty and longevity. Jewelry is exposed to the wear and tear of daily life, accumulating bumps, knocks, and the inevitable accumulation of dirt and grime. Even precious metals like gold and platinum, renowned for their durability, may oxidize over time, and their inherently soft nature can lead to scratches or loosen gemstones and diamonds.

To safeguard your invaluable investment, we recommend treating your Hubert jewelry to a regular checkup and professional cleaning every six months. This straightforward yet essential service can potentially save you thousands of dollars by preventing issues such as gemstone or diamond loss. Our proactive checkup ensures that you can continue to revel in the splendor of your jewelry for many years to come.

For the first 12 months from the date of purchase, this checkup and cleaning service is provided free of charge (with only shipping costs). Beyond this initial period, the checkup remains complimentary, while the cleaning service is available for a nominal fee, along with shipping charges.
To streamline the process, we’ve made it incredibly convenient to send your jewelry for cleaning or a checkup. Our user-friendly online repair form allows you to register your item in just a matter of minutes. By doing so, you enable us to anticipate your shipment and ensure seamless communication upon its arrival.

Upon completing your registration, you will receive an automated email containing detailed instructions and a copy of your registration for your records. Simply click the button below to get started:


With Hubert’s commitment to care and preservation, you can entrust your cherished jewelry to our expert hands, knowing that it will continue to radiate its timeless brilliance for generations to come.