Based in Los Angeles since 1988, Hubert started sourcing the most beautiful and exquisite gems from throughout the world, many times purchasing the rough material,  cutting and polishing the gem in house.

Later on, with the help of his engineering skills, Hubert began producing his own jewelry to showcase his magnificent and colorful gemstones, setting them into beautiful, bold and very unique designs, combining them with other gems or diamonds.

We are located right across Pershing Square, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, strategically located in the city’s Jewelry District, we have at our disposal all the resources and supplies that helps the manufacturing process and the global shipping logistics of our unique jewelry.

The company has a really good in-house team of expert jewelers with exceptional craftsmanship that make the beautiful jewel which they will set the beautiful gemstones that we source or cut. We avoid the middle man and third party sourcing, handcrafting our products with the same highest quality materials and craftsmanship, without the traditional markups, allowing us to offer the most unique and fine jewelry and gemstones, while being in control of the entire process of the jewelry making.

Major brands in the jewelry industry will not source or cut their own gemstones, but they still markup their products to over 8-10 times the actual cost.

Hubert Gesser, designs some pieces with his wife Susan and other designers on his staff. Others are created in collaboration with the customers, which with our help, will transform their idea into an expression of their vision, inspired by their personality. Either way, it is the company’s policy to require from each member of the team: Dedication, time, effort, care and craftsmanship for every piece of jewelry that is made.

Hubert, also the founder of the company, even while away at an exhibition or sourcing, follows closely most of the process of the jewelry making: From the casting process, it goes back to the designer, who will once again make sure that the cast piece is according to specifications, followed by Hubert’s approval. If it is all is well, the time has come to finally crown the design with the beautiful gem, or gems that it was designed for. The jewel will go through the hands of a master setter who will often adorn the piece with accent diamonds and other gemstones.

Once the jewel is set and polished, it will once again be reviewed by the designer. If the name of the designer is not Hubert Gesser, the new creation will still have to go through the toughest of all the inspections. If the piece is not approved by the master designer himself, it’s back to the drawing board!

Most of Hubert’s jewelry is manufactured in the USA and the collection ranges from ladies’ jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces) to men’s rings, cufflinks and tuxedo buttons, all set with fine stones such as diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, spinel or morganite, to name only a few.

Hubert finds inspiration all around himself, and the freedom each designer has to be bold and creative, results in jewelry that never gets boring. When combined with the customer’s idea, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Bold.  Daring.  Unique.   HUBERT, just brilliant!